How To Grow Garlic From Bulbils

Prepare soil bed like any other seed - well worked, composted, raised beds.

We recommend to plant bulbils in the Spring - not in the Fall.  Plant as early as you can possible work the soil.

In a raised bed, draw shallow 1” deep seed rows about 6 inches apart.  In a 30” raised bed row we get 4 parallel bulbil rows.

Sprinkle the bulbils in the shallow rows - maybe for Porcelain about 25 per foot.  Cover with dirt and water well.

Water and weed like any other vegetable.  Small bulbils will not compete well with weeds, so keep the bed clean.  The first year, the bulbils will grow like small onions - some still very small, some perhaps 3/4” across.

Harvest when you harvest your other garlic.  Cure like other garlic, and replant each “round” that Fall, just as you do with your garlic cloves.  Spacing the second year can be slightly closer than usual garlic cloves.

By the second year, your bulbils will have already developed a bulb, usually smaller than a garlic bulb grown from a clove.  We have had second year garlic grown from bulbils, produce scapes the second year, and be pretty close to normal size.

Harvest the second year garlic grown from cloves, and treat exactly like garlic grown from cloves.  Replant in Fall, and the third year your garlic will be adapted to your own garden, and yield a normal sized bulb.

The Genetics and Economics of Growing “Your Own” Garlic from Bulbils is Natures Way!

One Porcelain Garlic Bulbil Capsule could yield 1000 Garlic Bulbs in Third Year!


The Simple Steps for Incredible Garlic From Bulbils.

It’s Easy.

It’s Genetically Beneficial.

It’s Natures Way.

It’s Economical.

It’s Fun.

We want to encourage you to try growing “your own adapted” garlic from garlic bulbils.