Garlic Bulbils For Sale in 2011

When we were trying to study how garlic grows on our farm, it was interesting to us that most everyone told us to cut the garlic scapes, to increase bulb size.  This at first sounded logical, to enable the plant to use more of it’s nutrients to produce “non-bulbil” parts of the plant.  It seemed strange to us as sustainable farmers that nature would produce this wonderful seed head, called an umbil, full of little seeds called bulbils, to be cut off and discarded by most garlic growers.  We began to study this subject and were thankful to read that Ron Engeland, author of Growing Great Garlic, has also done experiments that do not support the common notion that “popping tops” is necessary, and perhaps even harmful.

There are numerous issues which will effect the quality of your garlic plants; soil and climate are huge factors.  We have found that bulb size does not change significantly, if one leaves the umbils on till harvest, as long as you have good soil, sunshine and adequate irrigation.  How much water garlic needs is very similar to any other plants in your garden - so when you water the radishes and beans, water the garlic just the same.

Ron Engeland used Spanish Roja in his experiments about “popping tops”, and his conclusion is consistent with ours - you “may harvest 2.25 inch bulbs instead of 2.5 inch bulbs, if you leave the tops on.”  The real value of leaving the tops on is the effect the top seems to have on how well the garlic bulbs store.  Quoting Ron, “The main crop was seriously dehydrated by October 1st, but the plants with flower stalks intact remained hard as a rock all winter; in fact, they stored longer than any Roja I’d ever grown.”  The equally important reason for keeping the garlic scapes on is letting nature propagate the way this plant wishes to.  Use the bulbils to expand your production in the most cost effective way possible, while allowing nature to benefit through it’s natural ability to adapt to your own growing environment.

We share our experiences of how to grow good garlic from bulbils on How to Grow Garlic From Bulbils.

Bulbils will be your best investment - genetically and economically!


Welcome to the world of garlic bulbils!

Garlic Bulbils for 2011:

  1. -Yugoslavian

  2. -Red Russian

  3. -Cheng du

  4. -Music

  5. -Persian Star

  6. -Mountain Top

  7. -Majestic

  8. -Susan Delafield

  9. -Dan’s Russian

  10. -Northern Quebec

  11. -Melody

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Garlic bulbils are to garlic, like tomato seeds are to tomatoes. 

They are natures method of true propagation of the Allium  Sativum species.  Many growers accept the traditional notion that cutting scapes helps produce larger bulbs, which we question.

We believe the garlic bulbil  is significantly misunderstood and warrants reconsideration by all garlic lovers.    So this page is dedicated to helping you rethink your concept and use of these important seeds.